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Responsible cuisine
Can March restaurant, an almost centennial establishment full of strength and truth. From now on we will not be able to welcome you with a handshake, a hug or a kiss however we will look you in the eye and will accommodate you. We are offering you safety and gastronomy..
We are ready to take care of you, both from a sanitary and a gastronomic scope. We will keep on cooking in a sincere manner, even raising our commitment to local farmers, ranchers and fishermen, not to mention the experts in Majorcan wines and oils. Naturally, we carry on using their products as main raw material.
We need each other in order to prepare sustainable cuisine and develop responsible consumption.

Ens necessitam mútuament per poder elaborar una cuina sostenible i un consum responsable.


From now on, in addition to the usual gastronomic suggestions we offer in the restaurant, we are adding a takeaway service. You can place your lunch menu, vegetarian, weekend menu or rice menu order and pick it up from Can March.

* We have set up a pick up point in order to keep the appropriate safety measures.


Squid strips in its own ink. Streaky bacon and soya sprouts 14,00 €

Three fish tartar. Avocado, flowers and sesame 16,00 €

Wheat “xeixa” eco coca. With Zucchini, goat cheese and candy onion (typical Balearic pastry made with flour, water and olive oil) 9,50 €

Wheat “xeixa” eco coca. With vegetables, cod, Mallorcan tomato on the vine and paprika Tap de Cortí (typical Balearic pastry made with flour, water and olive oil) 9,50 €

Selection of 3 mini sponge cakes 11,25 €

Croquettes 13,50 €
Hake and spinaches, Chicken and ham, Chicken and ham, Combination

Cod squares. Black garlic and aubergine sweet 13,50 €

SaladArtisan goat’s cheese from Mallorca, tender leaves with homemade quince jelly, fresh fruit and nuts 12,50 €

SaladQuail confit with seasonal fruit 13,50 €

Zucchini CarpaccioMatured cheese with Menorca certificate of origin, apple and dried tomato from Manacor, seasoned with nuts 12,50 €

Beef tongue Carpaccio. Crispy capers and cuttlefish noodles with garlic 14,50 €

Carpaccio of pig’s trotters. Sour apple, white celery, toasted pine nuts and mistela vinaigrette 17,00 €

Fried “broken” eggs (free-range eggs). Black pork sobrassada and chips 13,50 €

Artichokes, prawns and sobrassada. With apricot sweet 17,00 €


Fish from the fish market 24,00 €
Scallion, Majorcan tomatoes, raisins, pine nuts and “Tap de Cortí” (Majorcan red pepper).

Piglet meat terrine of black Mallorcan pig from Ca’n Company 20,00 €
With roast juice, apricot caramel and potato with rosemary mince.

Lamb terrine 20,00 €
Carob sauce, white and red sweet potato.

“Cebón” beef sirloin steak 25,00 €
With mushrooms, nuts, dry tomato cream and aged Menorca DO Cheese.

Cod 19,50 €
Egg, potato and ‘sobrasada’ (low temperature cooking).

Fillet of line-caught hake 22,00 €
Red prawn, hazelnuts and chard.


Mixed paella 15,00 €
Rice, meat and seafood, typical Majorcan.

Blind Paella” 16,00 €
Mixed paella without bones and shells.

Distinguished” Rice 18,00 €
Typical Valencian rice dish with fish and
seafood, without shells and fish-bone.

Lobster Rice 26,00 €
as Paella or as Soup.

Seafood Paella 17,00 €
Typical from Alicante.

Black rice” 15,00 €
Rice with cuttlefish in its own ink.

Vegetable Paella 15,00 €
with vegetables and vegetable broth.

* The rice dishes are prepared with bomba rice type and are gluten-free.


Cheese. Cheese of the Balearic Islands with homemade marmalade 8,00 €

Sospiro y Palo. Mousse of Palo and Sospiro (typical Manacor cookie) 7,00 €

“Monte nevado” version 2018. Flavoured milk, ice-cream cake, cinnamon biscuit, lemon curd and dry meringuen 7,00€

Chocolate, salt and vinegar”. Virgin Olive oil from Aubocassa and salt from the beach es Trenc 7,00 €

Dark chocolate cake. Candied pistachos and red fruits 7,00 €

Sour apple. Cooked at low temperature with lemon cream, fennel biscuit and lemon sorbet 7,00 €



Market cuisine (midday from
Tuesday to Friday)

18,00 €
(drinks not included)


(from Friday night to Sunday for lunch and dinner)

Main course

30,00 €
(drinks not included)


Complimentary aperitif
2 starters
Fish dish
Meat dish
Coffee pastries

50,00 €
(drinks not included)


20,00 €


(gastronomical offer)

A gift card for a gourmet
set menu


(mallorcan products)

Homemade jam
Homemade liquors
Mallorcan wines
Olive oil DO Mallorca
Salt of Mallorca

“Xeixa” wholewheat bread and DO Mallorca oil service 1,90 €
Vat included in price

In compliance with and implementation of the European Regulation 1169/2011 on food allergies – which became effective as of 13/12/2014 – we communicate to our customers they have at disposal the list of products or foods included in each dish offered in our menu and likely to cause any allergies.

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